How to Decide Which LLC is Best for You

Determining which Living Learning Community (LLC) is best for you depends on several factors, including your class year and your interests; our LLCs invite students of all majors and minors to apply to the communities they are interested in as the communities are defined by a common interest in the topic of the course and community, not by majors/minors. Before deciding to apply for an LLC, please make sure that you are willing to make a commitment to being an active participant as well as a commitment to the academic classes affiliated with the program.

Here are a few quick steps to discover more about specific learning communities and help you narrow down the options:

  • Learn the lingo: Living Learning Communities (LLCs) refer to students living on the same floor in our residence halls and attending a common academic course. Enrollment in the academic course is required to maintain housing placement in the LLC.
  • Review the different choices of LLCs to learn more about your options and the specific requirements. Please note, residence hall locations are subject to change in order to best support the community!
  • Learn about the difference in signing up for a Living Learning Community and the regular housing selection process available to all students. Acceptance into a Living Learning Community does require an application process.
  • Use the links to the left and above to learn more about our communities and how to apply!
  • Contact us! Call or email the Office of Living Learning Community Development or the program of interest to learn more about these programs or with questions. You may also want to speak with one of our Peer Mentors. They are upperclass students that work within many of the communities.