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Get connected to campus resources and connect with Mason faculty and staff  by joining a Living Learning Community (LLC)! Application is now open for freshman LLCs!

We invite you to explore our communities which are designed for students of all majors to further their understanding of the topic(s) of the LLC they join and are uniquely designed to facilitate meaningful connections between peers, faculty and staff.

As part of living in an LLC, you will attend at least one LLC activity a month, enroll in and contribute to the LLC-related course or curriculum (enrollment is required to be an LLC member) and help to create an inclusive community on their residence hall floors and the greater Mason population. The strength, skills and knowledge gained from the academic-coursework and co-curricular programming equips you to bring about positive change and truly embody a Mason Patriot.

Whether your a new student or returning student with a passion for a given field, the LLCs provide opportunities to enhance your college experience!

Live Together, Learn More.

Any questions about our Living Learning Communities can be directed to the Living Learning Community Development at or 703-993-8910.

*Due to the high volume of email during this busy season we appreciate your patience as we continue to answer emails as quickly as possible. Please allow us 72 business hours to respond. Thank you all for your patience.